Thursday, January 16, 2014

HOORAY!!!! I am so happy to announce that after 2 loooonnnng, ugly years, Heather Carpenter Photography's website & blog have been revised and updated with fresh colors and photos.  I have absolutely poured my heart and soul into designing my new website for the past two months.

When my 2 year contract with my old company was up, I knew I had to make a break for it!  They were SO complicated to work with, the site was SO outdated technologically and I just wanted to scratch my eyes out everytime I saw it.  It wasn't me at all!  I realized I was embarrassed to show people my website but I was too burnt out on this company (who shall remain unnamed) to deal with it again...and that is NOT a good business move.  So...I jumped with both feet into this new world and I'm super happy I did.  I found a way to let my voice and personality shine through to others and I'm no longer trapped in someone else's box.

I chose to update my blog but leave it fairly simple to challenge myself to put more complexity and color into my photos!  I just want them to POP off the page!  I decided that my website, however, is my statement piece and it had to be colorful, memorable and FUN!

This was one of the few times I got to put my graphic design degree to use. Below is an abbreviated version of my branding board I created to help me design my website.

Check out my new site here: www.heathercarpenterphotography.com. Hope you love it as much as I do! Here's to never being embarrassed of a website again!

Heather Carpenter


Wednesday, January 1, 2014


In 2013, we went into business FULL-TIME, opened our new Etsy design shop, started shooting weddings again, shot 3 times as many portrait sessions & ::drum roll, please:: reached OVER 1,000 LIKES on Facebook! (And so much more!!!)  We are thrilled and feel SO very blessed to be a part of your lives!  I could not have done it without your love, encouragement & support!

2014 is going to be AMAZING and we have a LOT of surprises that will be revealed within the next few weeks!  Who knows?!  Maybe even a totally glam giveaway or two to kick off the new year?!  Stay tuned... 

To many, many more fabulous years of serving my favorite friends and customers! :)

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