Daddy's Little Caddy: A Preppy Golf-Themed Baby Shower

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I was so happy to host a shower for my husband's best friend, Mark & his wife, Amber. These two lovebirds met in college while they were each playing on the men & women's golf teams there. Even though we're all married & grown - many with children, golf is still a HUGE part of all of our lives. There's no doubt in my mind that the next generation will be playing it together as well!

For the shower, we thought it would be SO incredibly fitting to design a preppy golf-themed baby shower for little Cooper! From the green astroturf runners to the "Ready to POP!" bottles to the "19th Hole" complete with Arnold Palmers & Club Specials.  We absolutely LOVED the little golf-motif details we put into it! We hope you do too! :)

Event Planning/Party Styling: Heather Carpenter, Lisa Carpenter & Rachelle Tucker
Cake & Topper: IncrEdible Cakes
Sugar Cookies: Mallory Kipf
Flowers: Sandra Medlin
Photography & Graphic Design: Heather Carpenter Photography

Colorfully yours,

Drew Wright {OKC Portrait Photographer}

Wednesday, January 9, 2013 I am catching up the blog on all my fall/winter sessions in no particular order!

I loved getting to know Miss Drew.  What a strong, beautiful, smart, independent woman she is!  I can't wait to see what she does with her life after law school (that's school.).  She is going places people -& God is definitely going to bless her for her courage, character & faith in Him! :)

Here are various shots I took from Drew's gorgeous "modeling" shoot:


Coming Soon: The Etsy Store

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hey friends!!!  Well, as my followers know, just the other day I shared that one of my New Year's resolutions was to open an Etsy store.  My store will be complete with stationary, invitations, party supplies & more - because you know, this girl LOVES to party!  Well, today was the hard part...naming my new business.  I had the intention of just being Heather Carpenter Design.  But then, the name was taken.  I didn't want to get mixed up with someone else & I didn't want a confusing name that's ALMOST my name.  Been there, done that, lost clients to other individuals with the same name...will not go back.  It's my real full name or it's something cute & easy that people remember. :)

Well, after a few hours of brainstorming....I'm excited to unveil the first draft of my Etsy store banner:

The hello darling paperie is planned to launch by Spring 2013!  YAY!!!  I AM SO, SO EXCITED!!!   If you have used me for invitations & party signage in the past - it's still good ol' Heather Carpenter Design buried underneath that shiny, new name & look!  Thank you all for your support, love & encouragement with all my artistic endeavors.  xoxo. :)

Colorfully yours,

Just Do It.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

YAY!  I love setting goals for the New Year!  Last year, I started small so I didn't get discouraged.  I had three: Be a doer.  Lifestyle change. Be my own boss.

Evaluating the results:

Be a doer:  I'm happy to say I did more exciting, once-in-a-lifetime things in one year than I've done in the past ten years!  Wow - it was so exhilarating & all these amazing "dates" brought me and Jason to be even closer than before!

Lifestyle change:  3 dress sizes down, a flat tummy & I can see daylight between my thighs again!  Hallelujuah!  I'm still working on toning up & cutting out some of the junk food but I can't complain or deny how happy I am for sticking to it.

Be my own boss:  YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!  I honestly thought this wouldn't happen for several more years but then on December 1st, 2012 - my dreams came true!  I am ecstatic to be doing photography and design full-time & I can't wait to see everything that will come down the pipes in 2013! :)

"If you have never failed - you've never truly lived."

This year's 2013 goals are:

More of Him, less of me:  This is always one of my goals I keep in the back of my mind but this year I'm putting it out in black & white, at the top of the list to keep myself accountable!  Pray more, don't try to plan out my own life, give the glory to God & take time to be still.

Consistency & Discipline:  This applies to work-outs, going to church & small group, blogging,  quality of work/turn-around times, Bible studies, dating my spouse, etc.  I'm pretty good at these things but I yearn for more consistency & initiative.  No one's forcing me to do anything - it's all on me.

Etsy Shop: I've been wanting to expand my design side of my business.  I do lots of custom Christmas cards, party labels, framable decor, personalized stationary, birth announcements, address labels, packaging, notepads, business cards, etc., but it's per request only.  I would LOOOOVE to start my Etsy shop this year.  It will be a lot of work but I am excited!  I may be just calling it "heather carpenter designs" or I may come up with a new name altogether.  Either way - I'm up for this challenge!

Blogging: I know I already talked about this previously (see: consistency & discipline) but I really need to be better at blogging this year.  It helps relieve stress, it allows me to be a disciple for God, it helps me to inspire others to follow their dreams, it personalizes the face of my business, encourages me to think & be intentional about my speech, and last, it opens doors for new friendships and networking.  Lots of positives there.

Do things that scare me:  I want to be braver in 2013.  A lot of people have amazing ideas but less than half of them every follow through with those great ideas because they are afraid of the "what if's".  What if I fail, what if I succeed, what if I get too busy, what if I lose money, etc.  For some people, it's fear, for other people, it's sheer laziness and procrastination.  This year - all that worrying is going out the window (with the exception of the few outrageous ideas I have that my husband must talk me down from the ledge for).  God is in control - win or lose, success or failure, acceptance or rejection - I.will.try.

Be a doer:  I like what this goal made of me last year, so I will continually year-after-year add this to remind myself to be bold, don't procrastinate, & don't always think about how much it's going to cost you.  Memories are forever & we are never guaranteed a tomorrow.  Spend as much time doing things that you love with those you love most.  No regrets.

....that's my list of goals - what are yours?  Challenge yourself this year.  Go out on a limb.  That thing you've always wanted to try?  TRY it.  That passion you always wanted to turn into a job?  DO it!  That place you've always wanted to go to?  GO!

Colorfully Yours,

The Life & Love of a Free Spirit

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ever since I was a little girl, my family & friends always described me as "the flower child" or "the free spirit".  To this day, I still don't color between the lines, squeeze my toothpaste from the bottom of the tube, believe in bed times, or want to be a grown-up.  I'll be the first to admit that free-spirited individuals rarely ever do the logical thing.  Nearly every decision we make is based upon intuition or feelings.  I used to get a lot of flack for this, but the older I get, the more kudos I receive for staying true to my inner child & following my dreams.  This is my life - messy, emotional, artistic, nomadic, adventurous -- & I wouldn't change it for a million.

Sometimes, though, the funniest things happen to us, freebirds.  Sometimes, we fall deeply, madly & hopelessly in love with the most rational, logical, black-&-white, type-A human being on the planet.  People who base opinions and decisions on facts & evidence. They love science & math & law - OH MY! (<--had to.) People who fold their underwear, have a preference on the under/over of the toilet paper roll & make lists of lists they should make. BLECH. (Sorry, I shouldn't have said "blech".)

Only God knows how these things happen, because humans just can't plan or make these things up!  In my mind, spending my life with someone like this would be a catastrophe.  But it happened...& now I see that there is something so solid, so immovable, so complimentary about the love that polar opposites can have for one another.  We completely and unmistakably balance each other out.  His strengths & my weaknesses seem to perfectly align, and where we both fail - God takes over.

I teach Jason how to live, love & express oneself (basically how to party), and he teaches me loyalty, stability, responsibility & so much more.  Now, I find that he's rubbing off on me & my over-the-top weirdness is definitely rubbing off on him.  I love how our personalities continue to grow & evolve over the years.

How thankful I am that we are all fearfully & wonderfully made by God; that our lives are not our own, & that He created humans uniquely for fellowship.  We are all living, breathing, working organs in the body of Christ and it becomes so much more evident each day that we all serve such an unrivaled purpose.

Here's to the right-brained, the left-brained & yes, even the pea-brained (God loves you too!). ;)

 Colorfully Yours,

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