EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Lockout

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

After several weeks of hardcore campaign work, Jason Gallagher & Ben Fort of Six Hours Short are finally closing in on the final days of their Kickstarter - with just a few hundred dollars left to reach their goal of $10,000.  The two will use the donated funds to cover the recording of a 5-piece rock band and the Chicago cast vocalists, as well as the mixing, mastering, and duplication of a 12 song album for their upcoming original comedy,"The Lockout: a Musical".

I had the privilege of interviewing the two Oklahoma Baptist University alum about their work on this musical, what the intensive 30-day Kickstarter process could mean to them and how chasing their dreams has revolutionized the way they think, work and play. There may also be some juicy stuff at the end... kind of.  Depends on who wins the fight...what?! 

Just read it, laugh till your belly hurts & then donate to the Kickstarter fund before February 22nd!

Heather Carpenter Photography: What is "The Lockout" about?
Jason Gallagher: The Lockout is about the friendship between a basketball player and owner and their journey through free agency and a labor dispute. There's also music.
Ben Fort: Life.

HCP: How & where did this dream originate?
JG: For me, it started with an acapella song that I wrote in my head called My Sources. I pulled Ben aside after church and sang it to him. That song never made the final cut.
BF: For the record, I've also had songs cut. Jason's original idea was a musical about NBA free agency, which is still the narrative of Act 1.

HCP: Who all is involved in taking this crazy, genius idea & putting it to paper?
BF & JG: Ben and Jason.

HCP: What is this Kickstarter campaign you've put on?
JG: The Kickstarter is for funding a soundtrack that will help us bring more attention to the musical.
BF: And it's not one of those "$25 for a handwritten note" kind of Kickstarters. With a $10 pledge you get the whole 12 song cast recording.

HCP: What does reaching this Kickstarter goal mean for you? And where will this take you guys?
BF:  Neither of us do video, so we're excited about creating something that can be shared. Long term, we'll use this album to apply for the New York Music Theater Festival, a springboard for new musical works.
JG:  It would mean a lot. It makes our lives a lot easier.

HCP: You graduated from OBU with the various others involved in this production, so naturally you have a huge following here & in Texas. Would you ever consider having an encore production here in Oklahoma?
JG:  We'd love to put the musical on in OK. That would take a ton of money and resources. Maybe we'll get there someday.
BF:  And if it does happen- there's a band called Mopak that will know all the songs.

HCP: What do you want to be when you grow up/where do you see yourself in 10 years?
BF: In 10 years, I'd like to be running a comedy theater in Texas. I'd teach sketch comedy writing and try to give Texans the same opportunities I had in Chicago.
JG: If you would have asked me a year ago - it may have been different, but I see myself writing comedy centered around sports. Beyond that - I'd hope to be able to focus on more serious stuff, maybe even strictly producing.

HCP: What has chasing your dreams taught you about yourself? others? life?
JG: Oh boy. It's taught me that chasing your dreams is a process.
BF: It's definitely a process- we wouldn't be Kickstarting an album if we hadn't studied at Second City, and we wouldn't have moved to Chicago if we hadn't written at OBU.
JG: It's a very unique experience that I'm lucky that I've had the drive to actually do this. After college - you see so many people let their dreams die (or at least remain something that is in their heads) while we have the opportunity to live it out. Pursuing the dream is the dream for me, which is awesome.

HCP: What advice do you have to give the readers who want to jump in with both feet & start chasing their own dreams?
JG: The advice I'd give is - if you are going for it - do it with everything you have. You must learn how to keep going when confronted by failure. Also - very important to know that this is all possible because of God and especially in a field that is so based on human acceptance - to always remind yourself that you are already accepted.
BF: Amen.
On a lighter, more random note...

HCP: We know what KD keeps in his backpack now, but what do you think James Harden's storing in that beard?
BF: The hope that died with Yao's foot.
JG: James Harden is storing flops and fake tears.

HCP: Do you still watch The Office? Why?!
JG: I do. JIM & PAM ARE GOING THROUGH REAL STUFF, GUYS! Seriously - it's no longer funny but it's like building a dresser from Ikea. You've already invested yourself into 90% of it - no point in giving up now.
BF: I'm out. The Office was a social thing for me.

HCP: What's up with your Rockets waiving Lazar Hayward?!!
JG: Ben?!
BF: Daryl Morey knows best.

HCP: Do you think Lando got jobbed at Spring Affair?
JG: Strong Yes.
BF: For those unfamiliar, Lando was an OBU band that had one song: Mindshackle 20. It was awesome, underrated, and it will show up with new lyrics in The Lockout.
HCP: Ok, I'll try not to take too much offense to that as I secretly agree. #winner

HCP:  Have you ever actually seen Rick Carlisle & Jim Carey at the same place, at the same time?
JG: Yes, actually. I saw them both at a T.G.I. Fridays in Grapevine.
BF: I'll take this opportunity to quote Jason: "Rick Carlisle looks like a Methodist minister."

HCP: Starving man vs. African wild dog? Go.
JG: There is a Ballerball column coming very soon where I got responses from 4 NBA players. For the most part - they think they can take the dogs.
BF: As the wise Dr. Litherland once said, "I would take my shirt off, wrap it around my fist, and shove it down the dog's throat."

HCP:  Last, I'm a huge Lord of The Rings fan. In reference to LOTR, what best summarizes your own journey with writing & producing "The Lockout" thus far?
BF: Our Kickstarter is like the hobbits' trip to Rivendell- it's all we're focused on right now, but once we get there we have even bigger work to do.
JG: I've never watched/read LOTR. Weird, since I put on a play halfway parodying it.
HCP: Great answer, Ben.  Jason, I really need to think about how I can make this friendship work. ■

Coming Tomorrow: Inside "The Lockout"

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I was in choir all through middle school and high school, so naturally, when it came time for spring musicals, I got into "diva mode".  I always saw myself singing under the big stage lights of a Broadway show, signing autographs & accepting golden statues in front of my colleagues with dramatic, tear-stained humility & gratitude.  That was my dream...clearly, I've taken the easy way out by becoming a photographer.  Kidding!  You are entitled to have multiple dreams.  Sometimes one dream may lead into another.  Maybe I can be the singing paparazzi on the red carpet one day. ;)

Anyway, I love watching people really go for their dreams though.  It's kind of an adrenaline rush seeing people put everything they've got out there on the line & creatively turn things they love into a career.

Jason Gallagher (left) & Ben Fort (right) of Six Hours Short are the writers & producers of "The Lockout: A Musical".
Photo credit: Jeff Cotner | www.jeffcotner.com

My extremely talented friends from college, Ben Fort & Jason Gallagher are doing just that.  They are combining their love of basketball, music and comedy to create one out-of-this-world production called "The Lockout: A Musical". This musical is actually inspired by the NBA lock-out that rocked the United States in 2011. Who else would think of this?! I seriously can.not.wait!

I had the opportunity to interview these two for a blog post that will posted tomorrow!  The post will provide you with all of the juicy journalistic details of what they're doing, why they're doing it & why it's so important to donate to their 30-day Kickstarter fundraiser NOW.  Seriously, they are SO close to reaching their goal of $10,000!  Every donation of $10 or more gets a prize...just sayin'.

Till then, check out the video to the right.  If you feel the need to give immediately after viewing the short clip alone, by all means - for the love of the game, just do it.

Colorfully Yours,

Cabin Fever

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Whether it's snowing, hailing, raining or tornadoing (yes, I am aware that I made that word up), I get stuck indoors a lot in Oklahoma around this time of year.  Although, I must say, if it's tornadoing, I usually am sitting in a lawn chair outside of my trailer staring at the sky - just what you all would expect from us Okies & Texans.  Kidding.  ....about the trailer part.

ANYWAY, now that I've caught that rabbit, back to the story...

I get really bad ADD when stuck indoors for long periods of time or when typing a random blog post on a Sunday. The past week, I've had a lot of fun documenting some of my favorite cabin fever moments with my family.  ENJOY & don't judge me...'cause baby, I was born this way. ;)

It's a tradition to play "Aunt Heather's Beautiful Shop" with my niece every time she comes over.
It's pretty obvious, but in case you couldn't tell, she's Belle & I'm Ariel.  Duh.

Maggie's first big snow!!!

She didn't know quite what to make of all of this!

Love the way snow looks on trees!  SO beautiful!

Huge chunks falling at the Carpenter casa!

Don't eat the yellow snow, Maggie!

Romantic indoor "picnic" with my sweetheart, Jason!

Quick snapshot before we go inside the store to get stuff for dinner!

Dinner.  Delicious White Chicken Chili!  Snowy day staple in our house!

Enjoying the snow!!!  It fell ALL DAY LONG!!!

Family photo op!  Say cheese, Maggie!

A little blurry but I kinda love that its focusing on the huge snowflakes instead of us! :)

Colorfully Yours,

Madeline & Wyatt | Impromptu Shoot

Saturday, February 16, 2013

One of my favorite things about being an aunt is that I get to be as silly, crazy & imaginative as I want with to be the kids.  I don't really have to discipline them, I get to spoil them rotten, I get to pack their little bellies full of sugar, & I get to be the "fun adult" in the room.  (I kind of am a Peter Pan type - I really don't think I'll ever grow up! )

Anyway, my niece & nephew LOVE taking turns being my "photographer's assistant" at shoots & tell me that they want to be photographers when they grow up too.  I'm a firm believer in nurturing a child's dreams so whenever I'm out doing shoots at the farm, I usually hold a kiddie workshop for them afterwards.  They observe what I'm saying & how I'm posing my clients, and then they want to try it after the client goes home.  This particular day, our workshop was "Posing 101", I suppose!

Hope you just love these as much as I do, as their personalities really shine through in the photos! These kiddos make giggle & bring so much joy to this crazy world that I live in.  Don't know what I'd do without them! :)

All photos are copyright of ©Heather Carpenter Photography | Design.  You're welcome to share but as always remember: please do not alter, crop, steal or print.  Thank you!

Colorfully Yours,

Recent Design Work

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

By now, most of you know that HCP is not limited to just photography.  In fact, lately, I've done more design work for cards, invitations and party styling than anything else!  I apologize for being SO awful at keeping my website updated.  The design portion is just an embarrassment at this point because I'm still learning how to resize everything in html formatting.  (Sad, I know!)

However, I did want to share some of the things I have designed over the past two and half months!  Soon, I'll be taking more product styling-type pics of these for my website & etsy shop...for now, you get to look at a snowy day activity, featuring yours truly.

Christmas cards are wonderful ways to show off your beautiful family as well as incorporate your personality & faith.

I used a chalkboard concept on the back of card to wish a Happy New Year!

The front of our 2012 Christmas card!  My husband and I don't take life too seriously! ;)

Back showed all of our 2012 Adventures!  Relatives & friends always want to know what you've been up to - SHOW them!
Rustic/scrapbook concept for this newlywed's Christmas card.  It was so fitting for Claire! :)

Invitation for a Surprise 70th birthday backyard BBQ!  So fun!

Surprise party invitation complete with a beautiful map & guide on the back (not shown).

I loved that they wanted to say "Happy Christmas!"  Too cute & SO very Samantha! :)
Adorable preppy golf-themed baby shower!

Can't afford a bartender?  This card was framed and placed at the bar with all the ingredients needed to mix drinks!

2x2 stickers let guests know "what's in the box", "we're glad you came!" or "we got hitched!".  Completely customizable!

Personalized soda pop, water bottle &/or beer labels are always a HUGE hit!  And no mess because they're waterproof!

Every party I style, I always from the invitation!  It's a fun little prop & really ties the event together!

Waterproof labels for drinks are great and add that colorful, fun touch!

Table tents are great to carry out a personalized party motif!  Use them for food labels, name plates or table number cards.

5x7 party print & table tent to really make your party POP.

2x2 Stickers are great for favors, candy buffets, marketing/branding & to seal a bag or small box!

See my blog post on the adventure jar gift I gave my husband!  Create your own jar by purchasing my label for just $5!

To personalize your party, wedding, holiday or personal stationary, contact me at heathercarpenterphotography@gmail.com!  I do custom orders!  

Remember all shown photos & designs are copyright of ©Heather Carpenter Photography.  Please do not steal, crop out logo or claim as your own. (I hate saying all that but unfortunately it happens too often nowadays!)  Thank you so much!

Colorfully Yours,

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