Count Your Blessings...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Well, it's been a whirlwind of a week so I am just now having time to stop & settle in for a little blog time.  On this dreary day, I'm going to talk about what's GOOD in my life.  Jason & I are both in great health this year, God has led us to an amazing church that we are pretty confident about joining soon, our relationship with God & each other are deepening daily, our businesses are growing, we've consistently made time for dates each week, our Maggie-Moo continues to provide the utmost in entertainment, I have the best sisters & friends a girl could ask for, we have a strong roof over our heads with AC in the summer & heat in the winter, our vegetable garden is flourishing, the weather is phenom, we have amazingly supportive parents, both my website & blog are finally up...I could go on & on.

God is blessing Jason & I with so many amazing opportunities lately, which I will list in just a moment.  Things I've always wanted to cross off my bucket list for years!  I try to stay positive and count my blessings on this blog.  Trust me my complaints, worries & woes about my life could easily outweigh the blessings--if I allowed them to get in the way of my happiness.  Don't stand in your own way!  That's no fun!

Also, don't ever let anyone else steal your joy.  There will always be people who are competitive in your life who will try to belittle or make you feel bad about the blessings you've received- don't worry about them. Give the praise to God and pray that those individuals recognize the many blessings in their own lives, instead of comparing themselves to others.  Because that way of living/thinking is a lose-lose every time.

First, things first...we are going to NEW YORK CITY for Thanksgiving.  Amazing sightseeing, scrumptious meals & the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade are all in our future.  We are SO excited to be spending Thanksgiving with two of my dear life-long friends!!!!  It will be a blast - I hope spending Thanksgiving with these family friends becomes a tradition one day like we always hoped for as kids!

Secondly, speaking of things that make us proud to be an American - Jason & I went to the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics.  I loved seeing the Fab 5 from the USA Women's Gymnastics team in action!  My heart was doing backflips!  I seriously will never let go of that little junior olympian inside me!  Go for the GOLD! :)

Third, Carrie Underwood concert is in TWO WEEKS!!!!  Can.not.wait. to see this beautiful, talented woman in person!  She is such an amazing role model to me!  Jason & I are totally stoked about seeing her LIVE!

Last, OKC Thunder pre-season has started!!!!!!!  We share season tickets with two other couples so we go to our first game of the season next week!  Woohoo!!!!!!  Can't wait to Thunder Up all season long!!!! :)

I'm so in love with my sweet husband and none of this would seem nearly as fun to me without him by my side. God is so good to us....always!  He always provides in the bad times, and He continues to keep us humbled & full of gratitude through the good.  These times in our life are fun & bring us closer and closer but the real reward is seeing how far God has brought us in the last 6 years.  That is one of those amazing blessings that you can never put a price on. 

Enjoy life to the FULLEST while you can as it can be here today & gone tomorrow!

Colorfully Yours,

WOO-HOO! New website is finally here!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm SOOO excited to finally unveil my new Heather Carpenter Photography | Design website to you all!  It's been quite the journey getting this up & running, dating all the way back to August 2011 when I first purchased the base files.  So yes, I am happy it's out there.

Some things you should know (before you go!)...

1) The website & the mobile site will look completely different.  The website itself is bright and colorful & has lots of cool features, while the mobile one is going to be very basic, as any mobile blog or site would be now.  This is for your convenience so you don't have to zoom in and try ever-so-gingerly to only hit one button on the menu. You know what I'm talking about! :)

2) The website isn't 100% compatible with smaller screens, such as the iPad or Kindle Fire...yet.  In fact, it may look a little janky right now if you try!  However, I've got my hosting team working on this issue right now & should we get it resolved- I will make an announcement for you!

3) On laptops, it may fit perfectly if you have a newer model/wider screen or it may fill up your entire screen.  The answer?  Zoom out a couple notches.  Mac users, just hit Command (⌘) + (-) button at the top of your keyboard.  For PC users, I have no idea what you guys use - is it Ctrl + (-) button perhaps?  Sorry it's been a while! ;)

Here's a sneak peek!  Go to the site for more! Enjoy! :)

 Colorfully Yours,

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