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I was fortunate enough to grow up in a home encouraged me to embrace the arts.  Two of my grandmother's were artists, so my love of color and creativity developed at an extremely early age.  Instead of coloring with crayons, I wanted to crumble them up into pieces and melt them between two sheets of wax paper to hang in windows like stained glass.  I always found a way of getting the unusual & vibrant results I wanted through research and experimentation.  A tool I've carried with me throughout my entire life now.

Eventually, I went to college & studied graphic design.  I had to do photography for an elective my sophomore year and they handed me my first DSLR camera.  Mind officially blown.  I was obsessed with taking photos from that point on & what's better is that as a graphic designer I was learning photoshop editing at the same time.  What I love about digital photography & photoshop is exactly what I loved about the crayon story.  You and all the other photographers out there have all the same tools, but your results all depend on how you experiment & utilize these elements in your own unique interpretation.

About Heather Carpenter Photography

Heather Carpenter Photography is an Oklahoma City-based "jack of all trades" company.  I do lifestyle portrait & event photography, invitation & marketing design, as well as event coordination.  I have corporate experience in all of these areas & have worked with some of the best people I know in the field which has strengthened the core of the company as well as instilled a sense confidence and maturity in the work I do. 

You may notice an extremely attractive second-shooter guy with me from time to time - he's taken.  In fact, he's mine!  Jason & I have been married two years now & I'm lucky enough to have such a great encourager & calming presence with me as much as I want.  He provides great creative insight & hath dubbed himself "King of the Macros".  Outside of photography, you'll notice us checking fun things off our bucket list & dabbling in new culinary ventures.

We reside in our colorfully eclectic home in Oklahoma City with our extremely spoiled, "calendar puppy", Maggie.  We love Jesus & love to party.  And yes, those two things CAN go together. :)

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